Fall 2015    Schedule

Aug. 24 ISU Physics Faculty, Idaho State University, A Brief Overview of Resarch and Student Opportunities, Part I
Aug. 31
Dr. Zaijing Sun, Argonne National Laboratory, Mini-SHINE: Fission of Mo-99 with Accelerator Driven Subcritical Systems

Sept. 7
Labor Day, No Colloquium
Sept. 14
ISU Physics Faculty, Idaho State University, A Brief Overview of Resarch and Student Opportunities, Part II
Sept. 21 Dr. Vikram Deshpande, University of Utah, Anatomically-Thin Materials: Novel Devices and Physics

Sept. 28 ISU Physics Faculty, Idaho State University, A Brief Overview of Resarch and Student Opportunities, Part III

Oct. 5
Dr. Kent Gee, Brigham Young UniversityThat’s Shocking! The Physics of Nonlinear Sound Waves With Examples

Oct. 12 Dr. Michael Vershinin, University of UtahThree Dimensional Microtubule-Based Transport Logistics

Oct. 19
 Colloquium Canceled
Oct. 21Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, Big Kid Science, What is Relativity? An Intuitive Introduction to Einstein’s Ideas and Why They Matter, SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM 5:30 - 6:30 pm in PS 140

Oct. 26
Dr. Anil Chandra Seth, Utah State University, Black Holes in Low Mass Galaxies
Nov. 2 Dr. Jay OlsonBoise State UniversityCosmology and the Appearance of Aggressively Expanding Civilizations

Nov. 9
Dr. Jim Wheeler, Utah State University, The Search for the Higgs Boson
Nov. 16
Dr. Mary Bishai, Brookhaven National LaboratoryThe Little Neutral One: Neutrinos Past, Present, and Future

Nov. 23
Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium

Nov. 30
Dr. Aaron Craft, Idaho National Laboratory, Neutron Imaging of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel at Idaho National Laboratory
Dec. 7 Dr. Erdinch Tatar, Idaho State UniversityRandom Thoughts About Physics

Spring 2016    Schedule

Jan. 11
Dr. Harold McFarlane, Director of International Programs, Idaho National Laboratory, The Global Outlook for Advanced Reactor Development

Jan. 18
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan 25
Dr. Brian Jackson, Boise State University, The Exoplanet Revolution

Feb. 1
Dr. Phillip Cole, Idaho State University, Studying Baryon Resonances with the CLAS (JLab) and BGO-OD (ELSA) Detectors

Feb. 8
Dr. Kristin Rabosky, Weber State UniversityAlternative Technologies for Next Generation Solar

Feb. 15
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 22
Dr. Yan LiUniversity of Utah, Topic to be determined

Feb. 29
Dr. Kael Hanson, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Topic to be determined

Mar. 7
Dr. Wendland  Beezhold, Idaho Accelerator Center, Topic to be determined

Mar. 14
Dr. Eric Durfek, Idaho National laboratory, Topic to be determined.

Mar. 21
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Mar. 28
Gus Caffery, Idaho National Laboratory, Osiris Project for Fission Product Gamma Detection

Apr. 4
Dr. Zheng Zheng, University of Utah, Topic to be determined.

Apr. 11
Dr. David Macaluso, University of Montana, Topic to be determined
Apr. 18 Dr. William Morse, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Topic to be determined
Apr. 25 Dr. Brian Anderson, Brigham Young University, Topic to be determined

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Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.

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